• Cleaning your Marine, RV or Home sewage system THIS way??

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NOFLEX Digestor has been used for many years in the commercial and industrial workplace to reduce sludge buildup, and control unwanted odours, in waste treatment and holding systems on land, as well as in high efficiency onboard treatment systems for the US Coast Guard, Merchant Vessels, Ferries and Cruise ships. 

NOFLEX was originally developed to enhance these treatment systems, but is now available in retail packaging for private use in Home Septic Systems, as well as Marine and RV holding tanks. As it is flushed through the system, it cleans off waste that coats the inside of piping, stopping smells from leaching through pipe connections and hoses. Once inside the tank, the product instantly reacts with the effluent, liquidising solids and neutralising odours instead of trying to mask them with strong fragrances. 

NOFLEX is an easy-to-use granulated powder that is introduced into the system via the toilet, so it cleans the system piping on its way to the tank. Being heavier than water, the granules sink to the bottom of the tank where sludge and dead anaerobic bacteria concentrate.  Upon contact, they react with the sludge lifting it into the main stream and releasing micro bubbles of oxygen that break up waste.  This action also releases proteins out of the sludge and these act as an extra source of nutrition for live bacteria.  The oxygen and additional proteins turn the tank contents into a super friendly medium for maximum growth capability.

NOFLEX is NOT a bacterial or enzyme treatment, biocide, or perfumed product. It is a blend of chemicals that, when introduced into your sanitary system, will very quickly clean the inside of pipes, neutralise unwanted odours such as Hydrogen Sulphide,  and liquefy solids to enhance natural digestion in your Septic or Holding tank. It is safe on plastics, rubber, stainless steel, cast iron and copper piping. 

NOFLEX breaks down the organics in the wastewater, liquefying solids and grease to facilitate easy pump-outs. The spent residue from the reaction is sodium carbonate (baking soda), which helps buffer the solution for discharge to leach fields or waste treatment facilities, and the gas vented off is oxygen.


NOFLEX DIGESTOR Treatment in Marine/RV Holding tanks

Over time, holding tank systems can be plagued with build-up of anaerobic sludge in the piping system and tanks. This often results in unpleasant odours and dangerous fumes permeating into passenger spaces or venting into dock areas, difficult or incomplete discharge during pumpout, and inoperative (stuck) waste gauge sensors.

NOFLEX DIGESTOR liquefies the sludge and neutralises odours instantly on contact with waste, as described above. This solves smell and solids buildup problems and facilitates easy and complete pump out. Many users also report sudden and "miraculous" operation of  waste gauges that have not worked for years, and you no longer need to use carbon filters on vent lines - these are expensive to replace and prone to blockage. Neither do you need large containers of multiple treatment products cluttering up your precious storage space - just one small 475gm container of NOFLEX  will treat your entire system for months.


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